50|50 Season 9: Episode 12: 12 August 2018

50|50 Season 9: Episode 12: 12 August 2018

It’s Women’s Month and this weeks’ lead story is about a group of phenomenal women making a difference in conservation.



Exactly how much of your brain do you use on a daily basis? Simon has the answer for you in Simon Says.



In Wonderwêreld we run wild with a Spotted Hyena clan. Spotted Hyena clans are ruled by a matriarch and in this particular Wonderwêreld we see a high-ranking female taking on, not only a pack of wild dogs but also a rogue hyena male.



When you’re a qualified dive master you have to think about the safety of your divers: You keep an eye out for sharks and boats and ensure that all the divers are within the safety limits for air consumption. What you don’t think about…is a jellyfish suddenly wrapping itself around your arm. Find out what happens in Doodsbenoud.



It’s estimated that there are only about 1500 Ground-Hornbills left in South Africa. Four remarkable women affectionately known as ‘The Hornbill Ladies’, are going to the ends of the earth to help combat the dwindling Southern Ground-Hornbill numbers by getting their hands dirty. Not only is their approach hands-on, but their on-going education initiatives are helping people understand why they should protect these birds.



In VeldFokus a Platanna almost becomes dinner, a giraffe and lion cubs show signs of stress and owls are viewing the world from within their safe spot.

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  1. K,T.Landsman says:

    dis baie lekker om sondae die program te kyk. die rede dat ek eintlik mail is hele het nie besonderhede van en telefoon nommers van oom joey die seep maker gegee op die program nie aseblief ek sal dit wardeer dankie.dat hele vir my dit aansteur


    kevin landsman


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