Episode 13 Season 6: February 15 2014

Wildlife Wonder: Secret Seahorses

Shrouded in mystery and ancient legend, the quirky Seahorse has fascinated us for centuries. In this week’s Wildlife Wonder, 50/50 dives in head first on an underwater exploration into the charming lives of these diminutive sea-monsters.

Rhino brief:

In this week’s Rhino Brief, Bonne attend a recent conference hosted by the Department of Environmental Affairs. Minister Edna Molewa and SAN Parks’ General Jooste brief the public on the latest progress of the Integrated Strategic Management Plan for South Africa’s dwindling rhino populations, as well as the most up to date highs and lows of our country’s battle against poaching. Be sure to tune in, this is something we as South Africans need to know.


Tiger bone Trade: Tyger! Tyger! burning bright (Blake, 1794)

In this sobering exposé of the illegal trade in tiger parts in South East Asia, world renowned investigative journalist Karl Aman uncovers the truth about the underworld of tiger trading and to what end these magnificent cats are now being used. It also appears that another of Africa’s iconic species is being targeted as a cheaper supplement in this disgusting industry, and lion parts are being exported to the region in order to be passed off as highly sought after tiger products.

Urban Critters: Baboons are back in town!

The ‘problem’ baboons of Cape Town have made quite a name for themselves over the past few years, due to their hostile take overs of back-packs, cooler bags, and indeed motor cars in order to relieve hikers and sight-seers of their chocolate bars and trail snacks. But is seems that the town of Knysna is now experiencing similar issues, as gangs of these large primates have begun to wreak havoc on the restful settlement. As with their Capetonian cousins, these baboons are reacting to a man-made change in their environment, and 50/50 heads off to the oyster capitol of South Africa to find out why these usually human fearing animals are ‘coming out their shells’ and enthusiastically ransacking the houses of Knysna’s townsfolk.

Veld Focus:

This week on Veld Focus a duiker takes on the waters of a river, a spotted eagle owl takes a dip in a bird bath, and a pair of scrub robins take on the challenge of parenting.


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