1. This competition is open to RSA citizens excluding directors, members, partners, employees, agents, and consultants of the SABC, the Production House and/or the competition promoters, and/or their spouses, life partners, parents, children, brothers, sisters, business partners or associates.
  2. This is a competition for amateur photographers and videographers. Professional photographers and videographers do not qualify for a prize. Please state on entry that you are an amateur photographer or videographer and do not earn your (some income) living from photography or videography. (For the VeldFokus competition the interpretation of a professional photographer or videographer is whether you advertise yourself as photographer or videographer, irrespective of the type of photography/videography you specialise in, and if you receive any form of remuneration for said service).
  3. This competition starts mid-May 2022 and closing date for entries is on the 31 August 2022.
  4. This competition runs ON AIR from 4 July 2022 until the 26 December 2022. The final VeldFokus winner announcement will be made at the end of Season 11 on 26th of December 2022. These dates may be amended at any time.
  5. No person can enter the same or any other competition hosted partly or in whole by a particular SABC platform (ALL SABC CHANNELS-Television, radio, and print) within 90 days of winning the same or any other competition hosted partly or in whole by that particular SABC platform (ALL SABC CHANNELS-Television, radio and print).
  6. No person can win the grand prize for VeldFokus within 3 years of winning said prize.
  7. Copyright shall remain vested in the owner of the material submitted, but once submitted for the VeldFokus competition-SABC will have the right to re-use the material in perpetuity, worldwide in any format existing or yet to be invented.
  8. There is no restriction on the number of entries. You may enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning.
  9. Entrants under the age of 18 must obtain permission from parents or guardians before entering.
  10. Only winners will be contacted by the SABC and/or the competition promoters.
  11. The SABC, the Production House and the competition promoters accept no responsibility for any errors, problems, or technical malfunction of any communication network or any late, lost, incomplete, misdirected, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible or corrupted entries. The SABC and the Production House will not be liable for any costs incurred, responses received or any other consequences of user error.
  12. Monthly winners will be announced on the first episode of the month.  Prizes are announced on air.
  13. All monthly winners are automatically re-entered for the grand cash prize for the best photographic and video entries. This category is combined this season, and the final grand prize will be announced on the 26th December 2022 as follows:


(a) The winner will receive a grand cash prize of R75 000.

  1. The decision on the monthly winner is made by a panel of judges who evaluate the entries based on the following criteria:
  1. Uniqueness of behaviour. (Score out of 10)
  2. Technical quality (Score out of 5)
  3. Persistence or effort (Score out of 5)
  4. Overall impression (Score out of 10)
  1. The highest scoring entry each month will win the monthly cash prize of R5,000.
  2. The decision on the grand cash prize winner is made by a panel of judges, as per the breakdown mentioned in point 15 above.
  3. The judge’s decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. The SABC and the Production House will not be held responsible for any disputes arising from the competition or prize awards.
  4. To claim a prize, the winner must adhere to the rules of theVeldFokus competition. Entrants agree to the rules of the VeldFokus competition on submission of an entry.
  5. No fraudulent entries will be tolerated – entrants to VeldFokus must have taken the photographic or video material themselves or have the originators permission to submit it to the competition. The right to broadcast the material must vest in the entrant submitting it. Fraudulent entries will be handed over to the relevant authorities for investigation.
  6. Winners will be required to produce a valid identity document and TV License to claim a prize.
  7. Winners may be required to appear on SABC Television or Radio, or on any other medium as shall be determined by the VeldFokus Competition. (This will be subject to their right to decline.)
  8. Winners make use of prizes at their own risk. The SABC shall not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss), damage, personal injury or death which is suffered or sustained (including but not limited to that arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this competition or accepting or using the prize/s.
  9. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and agree to be bound by them when entering.
  10. The prizes will be distributed within a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date the competition closes unless a situation outside of the control of the SABC or production company occurs. Where the prizes are held by the promoter, the SABC will not be liable for any delays caused.
  11. The SABC reserves the right to cancel, modify or amend the competition at any time, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control.


Please send entries to

Entries via is preferred as WhatsApp or email entries reduces the quality of the entries.



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