50|50 Season 9: Episode 11: 29 July 2018

50|50 Season 9: Episode 11: 29 July 2018



If we could get everyone in the world to jump at once, would the earth move? Tune in this Sunday and find out from Simon, in Simon Says.



This week’s Wonderwêreld is on a day in the life of a porcupine. Not only do we get to witness the most adorable visuals of a porcupette, but we also get to see what happens when a porcupine comes face-to-face with a lion.



Wire snaring in South Africa is seen as a criminal offense and is a non-selective and cruel way to trap animals. Predator and prey fall victim to snaring and become dependent on the care of professionals for rehabilitation and reintroduction back into the wild, if they survive. This is a grueling tale which requires role-players of different spheres to come together and find solutions to this horrific occurrence.



Bertus has another amazing set of VeldFokus entries to share with us this week, including incredible visuals of a Hyena family.


Tune in this Sunday at 7PM on SABC 2!


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