50|50 Episode 36 Season 7: 20 October 2016

In die Spervuur: Geometric tortoise

Of the 45 species of terrestrial tortoises in the world, none is more beautifully marked than the Western Cape’s Geometric tortoise. As an endemic species, this miniscule meanderer of South Africa’s fynbos region faces threats from all sides, making it this week’s feature creature “In die Spervuur”.

Zambia part 3: Sustainable fishing in Bangweulu Wetlands

Recently, we have been exploring the Bangweulu Wetlands in North East Zambia and this week Bertus brings us another story from this incredible swampy region, where he finds out if it’s possible for a large community of people to live sustainably directly from the land, side by side with the wildlife.

Woolworths Plastic: Making plastic from sugar cane

Food is trucked and flown in from all over the country and globe, meaning it needs to be packaged to keep it fresh and uncontaminated. But waste is then inevitable with far-reaching effects. Fortunately, more and more consumers are becoming concerned with the origin and sustainability of their food and are using their spending power to apply pressure on retailers. Some retailers are responding by finding innovative solutions to ensure that the produce on their shelves has the lightest environmental footprint possible. Ashmund investigates an innovative new approach to the manufacture of plastic containers – using sugar cane instead of fossil fuel.


The dinner bell is ringing here in the VeldFokus studio this week, with animals all out to nab themselves a good meal! A brave leopard gets very messy as it confronts a large warthog, while a martial eagle reveals why they are the king of SA’s eagles!

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