50|50 Episode 10 Season 7: 21 April 2016

Plague of plastics: KZN

It is estimated that 1 TRILLION plastic bags are used and discarded each year, with less than 1% being recycled. Unfortunately most plastics don’t make it to land fill sites and end up in rivers. Where do those rivers end? Well – like all rivers – the sea. And it’s not just visible plastics that are causing a problem; as larger items are broken down, the particles of these highly toxic petrochemical based plastics become an unseen killer, contaminating both rivers and oceans. We head off to the coastline of KZN to investigate.


Doodsbenoud: Bertus’ earthquake

Our very own Bertus is this week’s survivor in Doodsbenoud. He and his brother share the nail-biting story of their miraculous escape from the disastrous effects of a massive earthquake that shook through a village in Indonesia where they were both involved with aid work. Bertus steps in front of the camera in a slightly different capacity to explain the whole terrifying experience.


Wonderwêreld: The twilight zone

The sun brings with it hope and new energy for the day ahead. For many predators it signals the end of their night-time domination of the bushveld. Tortoises, birds, spiders and insects welcome first light along with the many plains animals, for whom the sunrise is the signal to begin their daily activities. We celebrate those precious moments when the sun is waiting to rise behind a flame coloured horizon, or when the last of the golden rays touch the tips of the tallest trees before sinking behind blue mountains. We bring you, the twilight hours.

Feld Fokus:

Animals go wild in this episode of VeldFokus! We get to see some truly fantastic elephant behaviour, a cuckoo dupes one of our invasive bird species, and the rare pangolin reveals itself in all its scaly glory!



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