50|50 Episode 39 – 11 March 2013

Green Scorpions

The Green Scorpions protect our environment by enforcing environmental law. More formally, Environmental Management Inspectors ensure that the environmental laws are complied with, no matter who you are. In the Eastern Cape, one of their major tasks over the last ten years has been the protection of cycads. Not only are these highly endangered plants the victims of habitat degradation but they are being poached at an alarming rate. Cycads are poached to be sold as landscaping plants to wealthy garden owners in South Africa and beyond our borders. Once plants have been recovered there is little chance that they will survive. Added to the threatened adult plants disappearing, the propagation of new plants is extremely tricky and has low success rates. The Green Scorpions have been working tirelessly to uncover poaching syndicates and Bonne joins the chase.



With increasing demand for livestock in the food industry, there is an increase in animal waste products. Dumping of this type of waste is a health hazard and can potentially pollute the ground water as it becomes rancid very quickly. The legislation pertaining to how to dump this waste is in place but as the volume rises, we need a better plan. For this reason, an entrepreneur called Jason Drew has come up with a way to recycle the animal waste from abattoirs. Jason started a project that feeds the animal waste to fly larvae. Fly larvae in turn can be dried and added to livestock meal or the larvae fed to fish. This alleviates the need for fish in the livestock and aquaculture industries or as fishmeal. Maurice investigates.


WW Tomatoes

 Have you ever wondered how those bright red, juicy, scar-free tomatoes have come to look like that? Beauty and flavour comes from within so these tomatoes are grown with hydroponic farming methods – this requires no soil and carefully controlled drip irrigation. The neat set-up has no influence on the nearby river system and pests are managed through bio-control and other non-chemical methods like sticky traps.



The last episode for the season and with it, the hand-over of the grand prize. Of the top entries of the year, who will be the overall winner?!


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