50|50 Episode 36 – 18 Feb 2013


Utrecht is small town in Northern KZN. It is home to not only the endangered wattled-crane but also to a unique geographical point where a significant proportion of South Africa’s fresh water originates. Unfortunately almost a third of the town’s residents are unemployed… but with mining prospecting applications going through almost back-to-back, there seems to be hope for the unemployed. But conservationists are concerned for the future of the protected species and endangered Enkangala Grasslands if more mining operations are approved.  Historical mining has left scars in and around Utrecht already. Concerned farmers speak out about the threat to their currently sustainable rural livelihoods. Are the costs of learning our mineral worth really worth all the risks?


Making the Difference

We catch up with the winner of the Woolworths “Making the Difference through Design” competition. The competition encourages learners in grade 10, 11 or 12 to submit designs based on sustainability and recycling. This year the brief given to learners was “to create a better world” using design to solve a problem in their community related to waste reduction, water conservation or energy conservation”. The winner this year took each element to heart in her innovative design!


Rhino Peace

With more than 80 rhino poached this year already, the race is on to save this giant among our big five. Top scientists, vets and conservations are doing everything in their power to help but so too are two boys from Louis Trichardt. Casper and Marco are two remarkable youngsters who have taken it upon themselves to help raise funds to save the rhino. They’ve traded in several hours of playtime to get their school and community to contribute to Rico the sniffer dog and to fight the rhino-poaching crisis.



This week Johann helps us track some of the larger herbivores in the bush, hippo and buffalo. Both species are known for being aggressive but both have special characteristics that help them thrive in the bush.



In VeldFokus we take a look at some scenes of conflict in the bush. Buffalos take on lions, a boomslang battles a bullfrog and two puff adders squabble over a female.

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