50|50 Episode 27 – 17 Dec 2012


The rumours are true… there are wolves in South Africa; those wild, hunting, snow-dwelling canines from the Northern hemisphere. And they are still being bred and hybridised as pets. Wolves were brought into the country during the 80’s in an attempt to breed a super police dog. The idea was that a hybrid or wolf-dog would be an excellent attacker, sniffer and tracking dog by mixing the genes of the wild canids with our domestic dogs. The programme was shut down when it turned out that the hybrids were unpredictable and untrainable. To this day however, the wolves and wolf hybrids remain in South Africa and are sold to unsuspecting buyers that want “good” watch dogs. The hybrid poses many social problems as soon as it’s over the puppy stage. While they are highly intelligent, they are unpredictable and maintain their hunting instincts and will also sooner run rather than fight. The breed is destructive and requires a lot of dedication. As a result several wolf sanctuaries have ‘sprung-up’ to care for the hybrids. We speak to a man that has had to give his wolf pets up. While the law requires that you need a permit for wolves, the hybrid is a different story.



Wireless technology and electromagnetic fields from our living environment are, in some quarters, acknowledged as hazardous to health and wellbeing. While many people still consider this debatable, an accumulation of studies and news stories seem to reveal some troubling patterns. People also have a hard time fathoming that something that they cannot see, touch, smell, taste or hear, could harm them. How can we monitor and ensure that the safest practises are used when constructing cell phone towers? We speak to a lady that has had health problems apparently related to electromagnetic radiation. We also find out about a survey done amongst school children closest to these “dangerous areas”.



Johann takes us into the lives of the giants of the Bushveld: elephants. They push down trees and are powerhouses of strength but these ivory-clad herbivores are also gentle family animals to the core.



We dive into rivers and puddles in VeldFokus this week. Not only do hippos and crocodiles like to swim, buffalo and antelope brave the waters for a drink while elephants fend off the heat of the African sun by taking a playful dip.




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