50|50 Episode 28 – 24 December 2012

Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphins – slippery, friendly mammals – have been popular since before the hit movie “Flipper” and now we have dolphin shows, trainers and even swimming with these incredible sea creatures. Dolphins manage to slip through ocean waters with grace, serenity and playfulness. They are social and interactive but is there more to interacting with these smart swimmers than purely entertainment? Can we benefit psychologically and physiologically from being in contact with dolphins? Some people claim there are indeed health benefits to be gained from swimming with dolphins, the science seems to indicate something different. But when we swim with free dolphins, how do we impact them?



The solutions to our problems cannot usually be plucked from thin air… but Ross Badcock-Walters seems to have found a way. With South Africa having more and more mouths to cater for and less and less potable water, as a result of increasing pollution and increased wastage, clean water availability is a problem. Ross has managed to capture the water from the air in the very humid Durban atmosphere. He cleans it, filters it and adds some healthy minerals to thousands of litres of water daily. Even more unbelievable: the whole process is powered by the greenest yet wind turbine!


A Year in the Wild


Scott Ramsay took a journey “A year in the Wild” where he spent a year photographing and documenting 31 of the most incredible parks and reserves in South Africa. The purpose of the journey was to highlight these places to promote conservation. He shares his experiences, via the most beautiful photographs and on social media. We talk to him in studio about the inspiration behind the whole trip and his experiences. He also tells us why it is so important to be looking after these wild areas.



Maurice and Villiers are at it again: out in the wild with their cameras. As usual they have some great tips for budding photographers.




There’s a real mixture of creatures to look at. From entwined snakes and the nastiest wasps, to an oddly coloured hippo. We prove once again that our animal kingdom is incredible.


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