Upcoming 50|50 Episode 35, Monday 12 Dec 2011

Upcoming 50|50 Episode 35, Monday 12 Dec 2011

1) Nuclear

On the entire African continent, Koeberg is the only Nuclear Power Station. Big questions are currently being asked around the world, especially in the wake of the events in Japan earlier this year, about the exact extent and nature of a nuclear-powered future going forward. It’s a critical time, major decisions have been made by the powers that be in South Africa, committing us to Nuclear energy. Japan, Germany and others on the other hand don’t see nuclear featuring strongly in their future and many other countries are looking very closely at all options.


With the world’s focus on climate change at COP17, we thought we’d have a closer look at the nuclear industry and gain a little perspective without taking sides one way or another. Some of the issues we look at include whether the anti-nuclear sentiment amongst the general population is justified. How long before new nuclear comes online or have we left it too long? What about alternatives? Is nuclear in the country safe and what procedures have been put in place post Fukushima.

2) George Monbiot interview

Simon caught up with journalist George Monbiot of “The Gaurdian” newspaper in London and sought his views on nuclear energy, COP17 in SA and climate change.

3) Woolies leads Sustainability

Woolworths has emerged as one of SA’s leaders in sustainability! With South Africa hosting the COP 17 negotiations in Durban in 2011, much attention is focused on climate change issues. A further 25% increase in energy tariffs, the spectre of a carbon tax being introduced in 2012 and preparatory work on a green economy strategy by the government have highlighted the financial risks and opportunities associated with energy and climate change. Woolworths recognises that climate change is a major issue that affects the retail sector both directly through the operations they run and indirectly through their supply chains and the use of their products and services by customers.


Woolworths believes in playing its part in increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions to the atmosphere as one of the four pillars of their Good Business Journey. Woolworths has recently been included in the world’s most respected sustainability index for the first time, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). Woolworths is the only South African retailer and one of only five South African companies to be listed on the DJSI. Woolworths was also one of only three companies in Africa and the only retailer to be named as one of the 16 sustainability champions of the developing world in a report issued by the World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group. These are just a few of many in a growing list of kudos that show Woolworths has as one of SA’s leaders in sustainability!

4) COP 17

It’s the second week of COP17 and you can feel the energy beginning to build. During the first week there was a real sense of disappointment and frustration that no agreement would fall into place but now this is the period we hope that the world’s leaders will begin to galvanise the process and really drive us towards something for which Durban can be proud.


5) Veldfokus

Predators take the limelight on VeldFokus tonight as lions puts their lives dangerously in the line of fire and we look at the small and furry as well as the big and hairy. The boomslang also nabs some prey… but then becomes the hunted!


6) Get Connected with Braam

Braam gets connected with man’s best friend as these furry friends help in the war against rhino poaching. He puts them to the test and the hounds come up trumps!

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