50|50 Episode 14 – 10 Sept 2012

Chapman’s peak

A luxury office block on a World Heritage Site… on the Table Mountain National Park! Since the planning of this construction, everyone from environmentalists to fishermen to the local communities have been opposed to it. Never mind the unsightly concrete block placed on beautiful land, the toll plaza will mean that commuters won’t be able to cope with the tolls and may be cut off from their families across the peninsula. After the area was proclaimed as part of the Table Mountain World Heritage Site, the residents thought it was protected, but that seems not to be the case. We speak to Bronwyn Byrnes, an environmental activist who has starved herself and chained herself to a tree for the cause of preventing the plaza on this favourite old road. Clifford Nogwavu feels he has been short changed by the National Park wants to know why he was turned away and the toll plaza was not. We will also speak to the local government and Entileni to find out why exactly they need to be on the mountain.

SNARE movie Interview

When one rhino is killed in every 21 hours in a country, it is certainly a crisis… such as the one in South Africa at the moment. SNARE the movie follows a series of hunters, poachers and business men that surround the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. Basie van Tonder, a game farmer makes a deal with an arms dealer with interests in rhino horn trading. A down payment of 40 horns means that Basie turns to other people to help … thereby widening the web of illegal activity. Snare does not just speak to environmentalists as a cry for help but is thrilling entertainment that helps the audience think about the genocide of this magnificent species. We speak to Justin Strydom who plays Vickers in the movie and Andrew Worsdale, the producer. We find out what it was like being an actor in a movie that strikes so close to home as well as the challenges of making a movie that is the first of its kind in South Africa.


The Rietvlei Nature Reserve, between the OR Tambo international airport and Pretoria, is threatened by development. Being one of the world’s largest urban reserves, it has the room to boast two of the big five, rhino and buffalo, as well as eland, Burchells zebra, red hartebeest, springbok, small carnivores and numerous bird species among many other creatures and precious grassland. The reserve contains wetland that cleans the 41 million litres of water that Rietvlei supplies to the city of Tshwane daily. This vital yet fragile ecosystem runs the risk of being sliced apart to make room for a high performance soccer training facility. What is worse is that there has been no environmental impact assessment or public participation in the process while the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipal Council approved “in principle” the lease of 110 Hectares of the reserve. We follow Kobus Engelbreght, the Chairperson of Friends of Rietvlei who walks us through the changes that will occur in the reserve should some of it be leased out. What will happen to the water supply for Tshwane? Why did the municipality approve it? Maurice finds out…

It’s up to us

Do you own a pet snake? Or lizard? Or any other exotic pet? How often have you seen snake shows in shopping centres or schools? Litha is intrigued by how people come to own these exotic pets. How easy it? Do you need a permit? Litha chats to a pet store owner and CapeNature about the technicalities of owning an exotic pet. What happens when they escape? Litha also learns the terrible truth of what happens to unwanted pets that cannot be cared for by the owners or the authorities.


Veldfokus has a look at predators in all shapes and sizes from shrikes to raptors to scavengers and the usual suspects, lions.

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