50|50 Episode 12 – 27 August 2012


Eskom’s Medupi Power Station, in Lephalale in Limpopo (formerly Elisras) is set to be the largest dry-cooled coal-fired power station in the world. With the power station set to alleviate the electricity crisis in South for at least a few years, how could some residents be unhappy? Environmentalists are already in uproar over the project because of the effect of coal-fired power stations on the country’s carbon footprint, especially given the size of this one. Others warn that the country’s existing water crisis could be so aggravated that there will be catastrophic consequences for food security. And then there is the alleged irreversible damage caused by the project to the environment around it and nothing is more noticeable than the changes seen in the Mogol River. Tons of sand are being mined for use in the construction of the mine. Where once the sand was the protector of the river water, it is now gone and some farmers are left in drought.  What are the effects of the mine on this community? What are the consequences of having a quick fix to our electricity crisis in South Africa?


After the investigation we chat to Prof Anthony Turton about the hydrological functioning of the river system, which neither farmer nor miner seem to understand properly.

Insider’s Guide

Hot off the press, “Insider’s Guide: Top Wildlife Photography spots in Botswana and Namibia” is the second instalment of the popular Insider’s “Insider’s Guide: Top Wildlife Photography spots in South Africa”. Shem Compion, environmentalist and nature photographer takes beautiful photos and shares his closely guarded secrets into the where, what and how of wildlife photography in Namibia and Botswana. Would you like to take pictures of a leopard? Shem knows the best spots and has some great tips. The Insider’s Guide is an indispensable guide for photographers, nature enthusiasts and travel junkies to begin their exploration into the beautiful landscapes of Botswana and Namibia.


In this week’s episode of Veldfokus we have a look at bone-eating giraffe, some sharp-toothed snake killers and the only mammal with scales.


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