50|50 Episode 6 – 16 July 2012

Waste-Pickers Dilemma: Into your bin and outside your house for the rubbish truck to take away… do you give any more thought to your rubbish than that? Would you ever have thought that some 88 000 South Africans make a living off that waste? A few less, live on waste dumpsites although it is not really lawful. Recyclables discarded by suburban households are plucked like gems from these landfill sites and used to buy education and shelter for families. But a proposed government plan is scheduled to implement a ZERO-WASTE strategy…how will this positive environmental move impact these people? A unique problem! We look into the lives of the waste-pickers and the role they play in waste management inSouth Africa. We will also take a closer look at how our waste impacts the environment and people’s health and well-being… What exactly is the government’s proposed plan to reduce waste?

Wetland Disturbed: Why is it that every time 50|50 raises mining-related issues, the words “rehabilitation” and “Water Licence” feature? The lack thereof! A silica mine near Pienaarspoort is apparently responsible for contaminating water that feeds a natural wetland… the same mining company that has had charges laid against it for not being in possession of a Water Use License. Muddy discharge from the illegal mining activities appear to be impacting the wetland and perennial river but the company says they are doing nothing wrong. 50|50 pokes around to find out more on what is really going on?

Its Up to Us: We use electricity daily and so do our children. What would life be without that mp3 player, cell phone or lamp under which they do their homework? In light of previous years of load shedding, our children want to know why they have to do schoolwork by candlelight and yet there are lights left on in empty office blocks all night. Litha tries to understand what load shedding is actually for and what we can do in our day-to-day routines to save power.


VeldFokus: This week in VeldFokus we look at some clever reptiles and see what happens when one of our big five messes with a porcupine.

Kiekiehoek: This season Villiers leaves the studio in favour of the great outdoors where he gets us up close to our nature subjects with more hints of taking good photos. In the first episode, Maurice joins him to try out waterfall photography but without the help of a fancy camera and large lenses!

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