50|50 Episode 6 Season 8: 14 May 2017

African month: celebration of beautiful places

From the towering monoliths of the Sahara to the shimmering waters of Bangweulu we take a trip down memory lane as our Africa month celebrations continue. Bertus takes us on a whirlwind journey to some of his most recent visits into Africa’s wild places, and we celebrate not only the natural splendour of the scenery and biodiversity but also the incredible people who call these places home.

Doodsbenoud: White rhino

When undisturbed, White rhino are peaceful and docile creatures, but when wounded, scared and confused – things change dramatically. One very lucky lady experience this first hand, while trying to help a rhino that was a victim of a failed poaching attack.

Wonderwêreld: Impala

This week in Wonderwêreld, the well-known Impala takes centre stage, and after watching this insert I am sure you’ll agree they deserve a standing ovation. Most of us are all too familiar with the common Impala, especially if you have ever visited the Kruger National Park. Often overlooked, they are in fact fascinating creatures if you take the time to sit and watch them.


Humour is usually attributed to humans, but many of us find it hard to look at some animals without immediately wanting to laugh. We hope that this week we can call share a little smile at a few creatures that just can’t help but be a little funny.

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