50|50 Episode 7 Season 8: 21 May 2017

Spervuur: yellow breasted pipits

“In die Spervuur” is a segment of our show that is aimed at raising awareness around the conservation status of vulnerable species that may not otherwise get the attention they deserve.  Tonight we meet just such a species, small, hard to find but none-the-less important and in trouble. One of the most impressive behaviours of the Yellow-breasted pipit is its aerial song display during which it soars high into the air and cruises for a short distance, before diving vertically into the grass. Will the grasslands be the same without these pretty showmen?


Animals have a remarkable ability to read their environment using such finely honed senses, that the signals they detect often escape human perception. Most mammals are equipped with an impressive set of hairy whiskers – useful aerials to detect the faintest vibrations – but where did these organs come from and why don’t we humans have them?

Tony Fredriksson:

Artist Tony Fredriksson deftly combines his passion for wildlife with otherworldly artistic skill and talent. While an expert in various mediums, it is driftwood that has stolen his imagination of late. His amazing eye for nature’s cast-off bits and pieces, has led to his miraculous engineering of the most life-like sculptures made up of interlocking natural puzzle pieces.


This week’s VeldFokus has a little bit of everything for everyone: a Thick-knee becomes a proud mum, a creepy 8 legged creature makes a meal of another creepy MANY legged creature, while a Martial eagle has meal fit for a king.

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