50|50 Episode 4 Season 8: 30 April 2017

Crabs: comical crustaceans

To the untrained eye, the strip of sand between crashing waves and undulating dune is simply that soft bare patch, perfect for sun-bathing or picnics. But to Linda Harris, it is an office. Here she stakes out holes in the sand, patiently waiting for their owners to head out on a foraging expedition. Her mission is to study the comical ghost crabs that make their home in the inter-tidal zone of South Africa’s shores. These resourceful little crustaceans must brave the harsh elements, howling winds, rising water levels and watching predators.  Join us for a close up look at these delightful sideways scampering creatures that will have you chuckling at their cute and comical antics.

In die Spervuur: Crowned Eagles

In this week’s instalment of ‘In die Spervuur’, we cast our gaze upwards to the skies, in search of Southern Africa’s most powerful Eagle. Regal and secretive, these massive birds have ruled the canopies of our forests for millennia, but as with so many other creatures, habitat loss and persecution have caused their numbers to plummet.

Wonderwêreld: Elephants

We spend time with a creature that also depends on our magnificent rivers, and although it may have huge feet, it certainly leaves a smaller ecological footprint. This week in Wonderwêreld the mighty elephant shows us that fun can be had by all when it comes to water holes – even giants!


The drama is palpable in the VF studio tonight, with some startling displays of feeding and dominance behaviour. A rhino bull proves he is the boss, a mongoose takes on a mole rat, and a Common fiscal lives up to his nickname.

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