50|50 Episode 3 Season 8: 23 April 2017

Monkey business: Swinging with Samangos

This week we take to the trees in order to find out more about the rare Samango monkey. Luckily we have help: Caroline Howlett of Durham University has been studying the mischievous primates for years, getting to grips with the intricacies of their complex social systems and communication techniques. She has even learned some of their language! Join us as we venture into the Soutpansberg Mountain Range in search of South Africa’s only forest dwelling monkeys.

Wonderwêreld: elephants test the waters

In this week’s instalment of wildlife wonders, we join an elephant pool party in full swing. As the cheeky young bulls begin to grow in size and attitude, they begin testing more than the cool water, as they frolic together in the shallows, practicing important fighting techniques that will one day be vitally important when the stakes are raised, and the outcome may mean the difference between life and death.

Doodsbenoud: Zebra cobra

The Van Aaarde family had never heard of a Zebra cobra before they took a trip to northern Namibia. It wasn’t until their young son had a very close call with one that this black and white snake took on any significance for them. Numerous operations later, this has become an animal that they will never forget.

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