50|50 Episode 2 Season 8: 16 April 2017

Dr Jane Goodall: a conservation powerhouse

We celebrate one of the greatest conservationists of all time – Not only is she invested as a Dame of the British Empire and a United Nations Messenger of Peace, but she is also an inspiration to women and scientists the world over. We meet up with Dr Jane Goodall who is now 82 years young, and has more than a few new tricks up her sleeve. These days, she is quite literally using space age technology to further her cause.

Wildebure: jellyfish

When dipping our toes in the ocean, the last thing most people want to see is the electric blue tentacles of a jellyfish floating past. But while jellyfish may have a rather frightening reputation, they are in fact among the oldest animals on the planet – emerging more than 500 million years ago. This week in ‘Wildebure’, we visit a beach where people are getting along just fine with their prehistoric water-dwelling neighbours.

Orphaned elephant: a gentle giant in the making

Animal rehabilitation is a highly contentious concept and many organisations have been known to cause more harm than good, using rehabilitation as a façade behind which captive breeding and petting operations hide, and where animals seldom make it back into the wild. Having said that, there is great deal of good being done in some true rehabilitation centres, where the animals are ONLY handled by a select few trained professionals. Hermien was fortunate enough to be allowed behind the scenes at one such centre in Hoedspruit, and she brings us the story of an elephant calf’s fight for survival against all odds.


The animals on VeldFokus are on the hunt for their own versions of Easter egg treats in this week’s episode. A lioness goes whole hog for her hog, a very special moment for a Kori bustard is caught on camera, and a mantis egg reveals its own miraculous secrets.

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