50|50 Episode 1 Season 8: 9 April 2017

Spervuur: Golden Moles

We kick off the season by meeting a rare and unique little creature few people have ever heard of let alone seen. The golden mole was first documented 250 years ago by Carl Linnaeus, the man credited with developing the taxonomic system. After all this time and even with all the modern techniques and equipment available to us, very little is known about this creature today because of its secretive subterranean nature and tendency to be especially camera and trap-shy.

EnviroServ investigation: kicking up a stink

We ask some probing questions into a toxic situation in Durban that has simply been going on for far too long for many residence. How is a company responsible for the safe disposal of toxic waste allegedly making whole communities of people sick? Thousands of community members now say ‘enough is enough’. Bertus heads to the EnviroServ’s Shongweni landfill site to find out what is causing such a stink.

VeldFokus: Bertus rings the dinner bell

The dinner bell is ringing in the new season of VeldFokus, with hungry animals putting on a showstopper of a performance! A weasel proves he is lethal, an elephant has to stretch for his veg, and wild dogs show us that sharing is caring!

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