30th Anniversay Season: Episode 10 – 28 October 2013

Rhino Force

Is our money making a difference on the ground when it comes to fighting rhino poaching? We often donate money to conservation causes based on things we hear in the media or from organisations in the name of conservation. Rhino Force appeared on an interview with 50|50 mid-2011 describing plans to raise money that would go directly towards rhino poaching efforts while at the same time addressing employment issues by creating work for local beaders. Many have bought one of these beaded bracelets that represent our solidarity towards rhinos and their conservation. We follow up with Rhino Force to see how successful this campaign has been and how money raised through bracelets sales has been used on the ground.


Interview with Pelham Jones: Responsible donating

Pelham Jones is the head of the Private Rhino Owners Association and has been deeply involved in the fight against rhino poaching, and is also affiliated with LeadSA’s RAGE (Rhino Action Group Effort). RAGE was designed to be a safe conduit for public contributions for the cause of rhino conservation. There has been a huge groundswell of public support for rhino conservation. With this, the number of fundraising companies has boomed. Some are reliable and some out to make a quick buck, but how are members of the public supposed to know which organisations to donate to? Pelham explains how we can responsibly donate to organisations that are transparent and reliable.


Wildlife short: lions and leopards


We have received such great feedback from our viewers on our short natural history inserts that we couldn’t resist another! This time we look at how the big cats of Mashatu contend for supremacy.



We announce the monthly VeldFokus winner! And you are going to be ensnared in our web of creepy entries in this episode of VeldFokus! A motherly wolf spider, a lightning-fast trapdoor spider, a snake-eating button spider, and a few reptiles too.

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