30th Anniversay Season: Episode 5 – 23 September 2013

30th Anniversay Season: Episode 5 – 23 September 2013

Heritage day episode – we celebrate the diversity our country. We also chat to butterfly expert Reiener Terblanche about the diverse world of thiese elegant insects.

SharkSafe Barriers

One third of all sharks caught by shark nets are found on the inside of the net. Shark nets are not as safe as we think! They are also unsafe for marine life, killing thousands of sharks and other marine animals like dolphins, whales, turtles and seals. In our enlightened technological era, it’s time for change – we can’t keep contributing to shark and marine animals’ deaths. It seems that we don’t have to any longer. We take a trip with our new field presenter, Bertus Louw, to investigate a new, sustainable system called the SharkSafe Barrier which might just be the answer. It’s based on the brilliant principle of biomimicry. Designed to mimic natural kelp forests, long black tubes are anchored to the sea floor and fitted with magnets that interfere with the sharks sensory glands, deterring them from passing through the barrier. Not only does this barrier deter sharks from entering swimming beaches, it also causes no harm to sharks as well as other marine life. It’s time for a change and this new system is an exciting new solution that manages to strike the delicate 50|50 balance between humans and nature.

Wildlife special: hyena den

We all love watching wildlife documentaries that bring the beauty of the wilderness to life. In our very own wildlife special we take a close-up look at a hyena den in the Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana. With playful pups and watchful mothers, the intriguing dynamics of this family hyena den will bring a smile to your face.


Johann is in the Lowveld and change is in the air. Learn how the bushveld ecosystem adapts and changes as we head from winter into summer with animals that use camouflage to survive.


In this mystery edition of VeldFokus, we investigate strange spots on a road, a lion playing with its food, a pink elephant and a dancing boomslang – help us solve the mystery!

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