Episode 1 Season 6: 16 November 2014

Episode 1 Season 6: 16 November 2014

Brandy the Leopard gets a Second Chance

The enigmatic leopard is the ultimate survivor, secretly living in areas where many animals have long disappeared. But they are not immune to the effects of humans, and what happens when the lives of these big cats get irreversibly intertwined with our own? We bring you the story of the leopard who made headlines after being airlifted to a HUMAN hospital, and who gets a second chance at survival after a very close shave – thanks to the dedication of researchers, who reveal a couple of surprises for her future.

Saving Kimberly’s Vultures
Soaring and wheeling silently above the earth is something that we can only dream of, but for the White-­‐backed vulture, the open heavens are where they belong. But it is not all blue skies ahead for these magnificent birds, facing dangers at every turn. We catch up with a dedicated group of people that are committed to securing the future of these endangered beauties.

The Rhino Brief

The South African Rhino saga has been an emotional one for all wildlife enthusiasts, invoking powerful sentiment in all of us. But through the tragedy, there are beacons of hope. In our latest regular feature slot – The Rhino Brief, we pay tribute to these heroes of conservation. In this week’s episode, we explore how new technology is helping the fight against rhino poaching, perhaps capturing more than we bargained for in the process!

Wildlife Wonders

In another new regular slot we celebrate all things wild and wonderful in the natural world! Join us this week in Wildlife Wonders as we follow a family of warthog as they do what warthogs do best – be incredibly fun to watch!!

Veld Focus

After being off air for a few months, we are thrilled to share all the incredible photos and videos our viewers have sent in to us over the break! In this week’s Veld Focus, we kick off with amazing examples of what lengths animals go to in order to survive, with some epic battles between predator and prey -­‐ often with astonishing results!

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