50|50 Season 9: Episode 10: 22 July 2018

50|50 Season 9: Episode 10: 22 July 2018



Have you ever wondered what came first…the chicken or the egg? Simon has the answer in Simon Says this week.



We travel to central Africa and get a unique glimpse of the solitary Water Mongoose, who is typically a nocturnal forager but has come out into the sun – extending his feeding hours to make the most of the cool weather.



Straws, with other single- use plastic items, are thrown away. The problem is that there isn’t a place on our planet where something as unnatural as that can really be “away” from other living creatures.

Credible research shows that 100 000 marine mammals and one million seabirds die each year from ingesting or becoming entangled in marine plastic. This week’s lead insert looks into the impact of plastic straws on our environment and the ways and means that we can avoid plastic pollution, specifically in terms of straws.



As always Bertus has the latest entries for this season’s VeldFokus competition which include a springbok giving birth and a polygamist bird.


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