50|50 Season 9 Episode 7: 01 July 2018

50|50 Season 9 Episode 7: 1 July 2018


N2 Wild Coast Toll Road

The Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast is one of the most rugged and beautiful coastlines in South Africa. It is also home to the country’s biggest Marine Protected Areas, Pondoland. The area is one of the most species- rich areas in the country and the abundance of unique species, has been awarded the title of biodiversity hotspot, one of only three in the country. Making it worth protecting. The Amadiba people have sustainably lived and worked on this land for over 300 years, but all of this is about to change with the construction of the N2 Wild Coast Toll Road that will run right through the heart of the coastal community in the Eastern Cape. 50l50 has over the years kept you abreast of the Titanium mine that threatened the livelihoods and the land of the Amadiba, we are now following the story of this new road construction and its affect on this pristine area and the people currently inhabiting it.


Wonderwêreld: Cape Fur Seal

The Cape Fur Seal confined to the islands and coasts of southern Africa takes centre stage in Wonderwêreld. Following their life from pups to adults we get to learn more about their behaviour and survival through the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean in search of food….


Simon Says

This week’s installation turns our attention to salt and, specifically, why the sea is salty. Simon explains that once the water flows into the sea it doesn’t have anywhere else to flow out of and as a result, gets gradually saltier over time.



The winner of the first monthly prize will be announced. With all the wonderful entries already received, it seems that this will be another outstanding VeldFokus series. Some surprising, strange and feathered feeding moments are shared again in this episode.


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