50|50 Season 9 Episode 6: 24 June 2018

50|50 Season 9 Episode 6: 24 June 2018


Crop invasive

A new invasive pest, the fall armyworm (FAW) hit the farming industry hard and has threatened the food security in South Africa. Ever since, product prices have been on the rise. This called for more awareness in the field of invasive species. What many people don’t know is that these invasive species have been threatening our crops for years and that it is the work of a few unsung heroes that ensures that South Africa’s food security stays protected. We also hear how these experts go about making sure these methods have the least amount of impact on the environment. Mmasea Petje uncovers the identities of these heroes and investigates the Alien Villains that destroy the crops from a little closer a field.



Wonderwêreld: Hippopotamus

In Wonderwêreld, we visit the Luangwa River, where the world’s largest concentration of Hippopotamus occurs. The river carves a 770 km path through Zambia’s pristine wilderness but when the temperature rises, and the water pools shrink tension within the hippo pods increase. Hippo bulls battle it out to keep their dominance of the female harem and the little bit of water that still sustains their lives.


Doodsbenoud: Buffalo incident

In Doodsbenoud tells the story of ordinary people re-living their close encounters with animals. The story in this week’s Doodsbenoud revolves around a Trail Ranger on trial that has a narrow escape when a buffalo charge right at them.


Simon says

In Simon says he answers the question: is the Hadeda indigenous to South Africa? He explains that they are indeed indigenous to South Africa and refers to the different species that all form part of the Ibis family



On Veldfokus tonight there is witness to the potential of a stabbing in the Kruger National Park, we are embracing fascinating adaptations in the animal kingdom, and we get a glimpse of the private life of snakes.


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