50|50 Season 9: Episode 3: 03 June 2018

50|50 Season 9: Episode 3: 03 June 2018


Makuleke Contractual Park

With land issues on everybody’s mind now, some may associate the Makuleke contractual park with the most successful land claim since the dawn of democracy. This conservancy, found at the confluence of the Limpopo and the Luvuvhu rivers, is often referred to as the jewel of Northern Kruger. It’s a distinct ecological region that forms a natural bottleneck for wildlife moving from the north to south and back. But more than that, it is an area rich in human heritage. Bertus Louw pays a visit to this remote area in the North of the Limpopo Province and discovered much that we could learn from our relationship with nature.



Wonderwêreld: Gorillas

In Wonderwêreld there are two species of gorilla on display. In the heart of Camerooon lies the Ebo Rainforest, comprising of some of the greatest diversity of terrestrial animals and plants on earth. This is the habitat of the Western Lowland Gorilla and the behaviour with in the resident group is illustrated. Over 2000 km to the south east, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest lies shrouded in mystery. At a much higher altitude, another gorilla species, the Mountain Gorilla calls this their home.


Doodsbenoud: Crocodile incident

Imagine taking time out to go fishing and some family time… then suddenly finding yourself in the powerful jaws of a freshwater predator and being dragged under-water at lightning speed. When ardent fisherman, Mario Ferreira went to a local dam in Hazyview to catch some fish with his son David, he had no idea that that day would change his life forever. In Doodsbenoud he tells his story


Simon Says:

Ever since we sent the first man to the moon, mankind has been open to the possibility of sending someone to Mars. Simon looks at the possibility of a Mars adventure in this week’s Simon Says. There are two things that make Mars a lot like home. First, it is a rocky planet like our own-the actual logistics of landing or operating on Mars is very similar to a moon landing. And second, it’s our neighbour in the solar system.



This week’s VeldFokus is filled with wildlife splendours and includes the endangered pangolin, a wasp dragging a spider to its nest and a Boomslang that makes a meal of a Red-lipped Snake.


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