50|50 Season 9 Episode 2: 27 May 2018

50|50 Season 9 Episode 2: 27 May 2018


Lion Bone Trade

The illegal trade of lion bones from South Africa, making it to the tiger bone market, opens a lot of questions which Bertus Louw investigates. Today, there are less than 4000 tigers left in the wild… and the biggest reason for this decline is the use of tiger bones in eastern medicine. Governments attempted to stop this practice, but it has only created a big, illegal tiger bone trade. Even though scientists have proven that tiger bones have no medicinal value, the demand for these products just grow. Lion bones from South Africa and the African continent are now used in supplementing the smuggle trade of tiger bones, to satisfy the big demand for it.



Wonderwêreld: Shoebill

In Wonderwêreld we get a closer look at the habits and survival strategies of the Shoebill Stork living in Uganda. This bizarre bird, looks like a reminisce of a Jurassic era, overlooked by the passage of time. Their appearance is undeniably, dominated by the fantastically unique ‘shoe-like’ bill, from which the species get its common name. Shoebills chicks, already equipped with a powerful beak hatch a few days apart, meaning the older chick is more developed than its sibling. With both parents away from the nest, they lie exposed…


Simon says

Cape Town looked like it may become the first major international city to run out of water. In Simon says the water crisis that beset Cape Town, concept of “Day Zero”, and why it never came about at is explained.



In VeldFokus we see a leopard eating a bushbuck and we also get ringside seats to two different wrestling matches; one between two giraffes and one between snakes.


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