50|50 Episode 39 Season 8: 31 December 2017

Finland: Wolves

Last week we brought you the story of European brown bears that Bertus tracked down on his trip to Finland. This week we bring you another instalment of his northern hemisphere adventure in which he pursues a different apex predator in the boreal forests of Eastern Finland but this one is much harder to find. The Grey wolf.
False coddling moths:

Ashmund travels to the citrus growing area of the Western Cape where a serious pest of the orange tree is being cleverly and carefully controlled –without the use of pesticides. This technique uses a method first developed in the USA for the deadly screw-worm, and is now seeing great success in SA. By releasing millions of sterile moths into the orchards, the wild populations breed with these sterile individuals, resulting in no offspring.

Giraffe Relocation:
Game capture has been a regular feature on our show over the years. We’ve seen rhinos airlifted by helicopter and jumbo-jet, Asian buffalo captured from elephant back, hippos lassoed from the air and everything in between. This week for the first time, we get to see the complexities of how giraffe are captured when they need to be relocated. These animals are extremely tall and certainly pose unique challenges to the capture team.



VeldFokus: Season Finale

That moment we all look forward to every season has finally arrived and it is time to reveal who came out tops in the VeldFokus competition this year. For the second year in a row, we have separated the photo and video categories giving entrants an additional chance to win a portion of that big cash prize. And this year we again throw in some runner up prizes too since there are always so many great entries that deserve a reward.


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