50|50 Episode 38 Season 8: 24 December 2017

Finland: bears

The largest biome on Earth, apart from the ocean, is the Taiga, or boreal forests covering massive areas in North America and Eurasia. On his recent trip to Finland, Bertus discovered some of the hidden treasures of this important environmental zone in the far eastern reaches of the country near the Russian border. There he met up with renowned Finnish environmentalist, Kimmo Ohtonen well known for his commitment to protecting these environments and the European brown bears that live in them. With camera in hand, Bertus hoped to get a glimpse of one of these magnificent creatures in their native habitat.



Wildebure: Crayfish

Are your neighbours all dressed up for the festivities this season brings? Well, along a stretch of KZN coastline, there are some neighbours that are permanently dressed in red but red flags are waving when it comes to their survival too.
Meercat relocation:
The Walt Disney character Timone in the “Lion King” has forever immortalised the meercat but what is not depicted well in the much-loved animation movie, is the fact these animals do not ever live in isolation of the rest of their colony in the wild. Sadly people who take these little animals out of the wild to raise them as pets, realise these things too late.  Then what? Alma-Celeste Stafford is an environmental warrior standing by to help the lucky ones to get a second lease on a wild life.


The end of the VeldFokus competition has arrived, and we finish off the season with a bang! A hippo comes to the aid of a fellow herbivore, a heron gives a masterclass in spearfishing, while a sandpit is the perfect site for an ambush for the lion of the insect world.


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