50|50 Episode 32 Season 8: 12 November 2017

Waste water treatment: cutting edge technology
One of the biggest challenges imposed on ecosystems is by humans and involves the processing of waste. We produce a lot of different kinds of waste and dump it on nature expecting her to just deal with it and keep supporting us. Yet so often, the pollution is so toxic that it’s not possible to return it to a natural system without causing harm. For solutions to our man-made problems, we turn to nature for inspiration. We explore how new technology is employing the properties of ice to help solve the problem of removing contaminants from waste water.



Wonderwêreld: monitor lizards
We take a journey to the Namib Desert where finding water to begin with is a major challenge. This week’s Wonderwêreld takes a glimpse into the world of a specialised reptile that makes the vast expanses of inhospitable sand its hunting ground.
Farming for the future: avocado farming

South Africa is home to three of the 34 biodiversity ‘hotspots’ in the world and is the third most biodiverse country on the planet. The majority of our land is under the stewardship of farmers so they play a vital role in protecting and maintaining our country’s ecosystems. Mmasea visits an avocado farm that receives one of the highest scores for biodiversity in the Woolworths Farming for the Future initiative.

Cody the pony: a brave pony returns home

In June this year, raging fires ripped through the Western Cape town of Knysna forcing more than 10 000 people to flee their homes. The effects were tremendous and far reaching but as with any tragedy, there’s often a story of triumph amidst impossible circumstances. This is the story of Cody, a pony that found itself in the path of the advancing furnace and braved all odds in his fight for survival.

It’s all about survival of the fittest in tonight’s VF, with animals of all shapes and sizes going about their daily lives. A group of male lions go head to head with a herd of buffalo intent on rescuing their fallen comrade, a pair of crocodile show us how little crocodiles are made, while pelicans descend from the sky for a fishy feast.



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