50|50 Episode 31 Season 8: 5 November 2017

This week 50|50 comes to you from the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. Join us for a wild adventure of an episode, packed with spectacular African beauty!




Finland’s education: nature is the greatest teacher

It is widely quoted that children are the future, the next generation of decision-makers and leaders. Globe-trotting Bertus recently returned from Finland, a country widely celebrated as leaders in education, where they are using lessons from nature to optimise learning. In some places, the outdoors have become the classroom in the formal education sector and life’s lessons are taught by nature herself.

Spervuur: roan antelope
The handsome roan antelope is the second largest antelope species in southern Africa and although in countries like Zambia it is widespread, it is generally found in low numbers and considered rare wherever it occurs. In SA, numbers plummeted to near-extinction in recent years.

Hermien brings us the all details of this animal’s plight in this week’s instalment of “In die Spervuur”.

Wonderwêreld: large-spotted genet
Zambia’s Luangwa Valley is a side branch to the renowned Great Rift Valley, and while the ecosystem at large is impressive, it is the lifestyle of a secretive, seldom-seen nocturnal critter that our cameras have captured on this week’s edition of Wonderwêreld – the large-spotted genet.

Even though 50|50 is coming to you about 1000 km from our usual studio setting, we all know that an episode wouldn’t be the same without a dose of VeldFokus. With the help of a bit of technology – the show must go on.



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