50|50 Episode 26 Season 8: 22 October 2017

Wildebure: warthog

Famed for being a member of the ‘ugly 5’, these warty little characters are iconic members of the bushveld community. We head to a corner of KZN, where the delightful snuffles and grunts of our warthog neighbours greet us in this week’s instalment of Wildebure.



 Enviroserve update:

While the summer rains have started in some parts of the country, bringing new life and washing away the dust of winter, for many community members living near the Shongweni landfill site in Durban, the effects of toxic waste still linger. We bring you a comprehensive update on the investigation we did at the beginning of the season.

Wonderwêreld: Wild dogs

Once present across most of Africa, except for rain forests, wild dogs were indiscriminately persecuted. Historically they were perceived as nothing more than vermin and people were encouraged to kill them. Luckily, our perception of these incredible predators has changed. This week we sit back and enjoy the antics of a very busy pack in the Kruger National Park, complete with a hungry litter of energetic pups!



There are some very ferocious battles in in this week’s VeldFokus!! A cheetah female finds herself horribly outnumbered and in mortal peril, a battle between the lions of the reptile world is silent but violent, while spring hares take to the streets for an all-out brawl.



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