50|50 Episode 26 Season 8: 1 October 2017

Wildebure: caracal

The lush gardens and even bustling towns of KZN are home to more than chattering monkeys and chirping birds. Stealthy, agile and a devastating hunter, the most widely distributed of Africa’s wild cats is also the most seldom seen – the caracal.




Seismic testing: a new threat to our oceans

With October officially upon us, many South Africans will be dusting off their bathing costumes, dreaming of sunny days and refreshing swims. But there is a new threat lurking in SA’s waters. The giants of the deep have enjoyed relative protection off the coast of SA since whaling was outlawed in 1979, but they are now faced with a new menace. The reason? Oil and gas deposits trapped under the ocean’s floor. With National marine week making a splash on the environmental scene next week, our feature story brings a highly contentious, and potentially disastrous prospecting method to the fore. Seismic testing. While oil and gas explorers are using sonic booms to locate hidden fuel resources under the sea bed, we ask what effect does this have on the communication, breeding and migration patterns of creatures that rely on long-distant communication across the vastness of the ocean.






The fierce, the cute and the near-invisible all make an appearance on this week’s VeldFokus. Lions and hyenas respect the rules of hierarchy, a pair of bush babies bounce on and off the screen, while a ghost mantis does its best to blend in.



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