50|50 Episode 25 Season 8: 24 September 2017

Rwanda Black Rhino Relocation: The Return of an Icon
Hundreds and thousands of black rhinos once roamed sub-Saharan Africa but relentless hunting by European settlers decimated their range and population which has subsequently recovered at a glacial pace. The final nail in the proverbial coffin was the poaching epidemic in recent decades that saw 96% of the remaining population lost since the 1970’s. In honour of World Rhino Day and this magnificent species, this week we bring you a story of hope and success. It is a story of passion and determination that has resulted in a homecoming of a species to a wilderness from which it is has been missing for a decade.






Spervuur: Grass Owls
The tall swaying grasslands of Gauteng are home to a very special type of owl. While African grass owls occur across central and sub-Saharan Africa, the South African population is under threat from human encroachment. Ashmund brings us more on this story in this week’s instalment of ‘In die spervuur’.
Wonderwêreld: Giant Bullfrogs
The first of the summer rain clouds are gathering in, and this can only mean one thing… the breeding season. This week in Wonderwêreld the giants of the frog world emerge from their winter slumber and muscle their way onto our screens.

There’s a bit of everything for everyone in this week’s episode of VeldFokus. A wasp shows off her brilliant egg laying strategy, a honey badger unwittingly shows off for a camera trap, while a White faced scops owl forgets its manners completely and talks its mouth full!



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