50|50 Episode 23 Season 8: 10 September 2017


iMfolozi Mine:

Set in the heart of Zululand are the ancient hunting grounds of Zulu kings such as Dingiswayo and Shaka and it was in this same area that these monarchs established the first conservation laws. Formally proclaimed in 1895, all manner of wildlife still roam the verdant savannah of the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve, attracting tourists from far and wide. Sadly, this iconic environmental and historical institution has a cloud of black dust gathering on the horizon. Bertus brings us a 2 part story on a series of proposed mines within meters of this historic wilderness.



Wilde Bure: Serval

The serval, or tierboskat, is the sole member of the genus Leptailurus, with the longest legs of any cat relative to its body size. They hunt by leaping in the air before pouncing on their prey from above. They can reach more than 2 metres above the ground and cover a horizontal distance of up to 3.6 metres. They can even change direction in mid-air. While these beautiful cats are threatened by habitat loss and persecution by livestock farmers, the pair that feature on this week’s episode of Wilde Bure encounter a very neighbourly farmer willing to do whatever is needed to ensure their safety.


It’s a mixed bag of fun tonight, with the characters in this week’s episode pulling out all the stops. A darter nabs a fish to be proud of, a rhino bull proves whose boss, while a kudu bull has a slight issue with his head-dress.



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