50|50 Episode 21 Season 8: 27 August 2017


World Elephant Day:

This weekend is the last one for August, the month in which we have celebrated both Women’s Day and World Elephant Day so it seems fitting that we feature these amazing animals this week, so well known for their matriarchal and maternal society. Sadly, the Great Elephant Census last year revealed that savannah elephant populations have declined by a whopping 30 percent between 2007 and 2014 amounting to 144 000 elephants. The rate of decline has accelerated during this time interval and is currently at 8 percent per year, primarily as a result of rampant poaching. Luckily there are people who have dedicated their lives to turning this tide. Hermien brings us this report from Kenya.


Doodsbenoud: Buffalo attack

In this week’s Doodsbenoud KNP regional ranger Don English, relates his tale of how a buffalo bull seriously interrupted a routine exercise out in the field, and nearly snuffed the very life from his body in the process. Doctors maintain that the esteemed game ranger experienced a miracle by surviving a full blown attack by a full grown buffalo bull. We’re very grateful that a legend like Don who has dedicated his entire life to conservation in the KNP, has made such a fine recovery after such a harrowing ordeal.

Bitter Bossies: The Healing Plants of the Karoo

While Hermien was learning about Karoo ranching recently, she got to experience some of the secrets of nature’s medicine chest. We return to the tranquil expanses of the Karoo to learn big things about its little plants.


The VeldFokus stage plays host to some really great animal behaviour tonight. An elephant bull plays a game of ‘good cop, bad cop’, a male Giant water bug has a heavy burden to shoulder, while a potato bass is off to the dentist.


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