50|50 Episode 20 Season 8: 20 August 2017

Wilde Bure: crows

Crows don’t always have the best reputation but they certainly have lots of character. Crows are the largest member of the order of birds known as passerines. More commonly, passerines are referred to as perching birds or song birds. But while the crow’s feet may resemble those of house sparrows and sunbirds, singing is definitely not something at which they excel. They are this week’s Wilde Bure.


Seychelles: North Island

In recent weeks we have featured two stories on the Seychelles archipelago off the coast of East Africa and the interesting conservation initiatives happening there. This week we again travel to the beautiful Indian Ocean islands to visit North Island. This island is an example of how human interference can completely ruin paradise but is also an example of what’s possible when humans work to reverse their own detrimental impacts and nature is again allowed to rein free. This is a wonderful case study of humans and nature working in equilibrium.

Wonderwêreld: otters

We travel to another part of our beautiful continent that is rich in biodiversity and tranquillity. This time we go in search of those seldom seen, sleek and mobile comedians of the waterways, Cape clawless otters. And love is in the air!


The birds and the bees take centre stage in this week’s episode of VeldFokus! A Goshawk take a master class in rodent control, a kingfisher shows why she’s the queen of fishing, while a moth does a pretty good hummingbird impression.


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