50|50 Episode 14 Season 8: 9 July 2017

Abalobi: the App for the future of small-scale fisheries

The ancient connection between man and the ocean receives a high-speed upgrade – to the benefit of both. We have covered several different conservation efforts in recent weeks that strive to help our precious ocean dwellers. This time, its people who are central to the story. A new app, designed BY local fisherman FOR local fisherman may in fact hold the key to the future of our small-scale fishing industry. Ashmund heads to Lambert’s Bay where this technology is being tested.

 Wonderwêreld: Dinner time in Mashatu Game Reserve

Often referred to as the “land of giants”, huge trees are to found as well as huge elephants, the enormous kori bustard and the king of the super-predators, lions. One particular pride gets to enjoy the spoils of a huge meal tonight, while in another corner of this vast wilderness a Cheetah mother and her young cubs are enjoying a feast of their own.

Doodsbenoud: Crocodile

We head to a corner of South Africa where the animals, not people, are the territory holders. The rules of engagement can be extremely unpredictable and creatures defend their turf viciously. Crocs have the notorious reputation for being Africa’s most indiscriminate killers. In this week’s episode of Doodsbenoud, we meet a commercial diver that found himself on the receiving end of an enormous crocodile’s scaly wrath and literally went head to head with the giant water predator.


It’s dinner time in the VF studio tonight, with some excellent displays of resourcefulness from a wide variety of predators. The king of the beasts digs for his dinner, the secret antics of the feisty honey badger are caught on camera, while a wasp takes on a monster meal!


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