50|50 Episode 13 Season 8: 2 July 2017

Quagga: back from the dead?

Due to some confusion caused by the general historical use of the term “quagga”, for any kind of zebra, it was only realised a couple of years after a quagga mare at a Zoo in Amsterdam died in 1883, that she was in fact the last of her kind! The true quagga had vanished unnoticed. But perhaps all is not lost for this species. Scientists are hoping to right the wrongs of our past by bringing the quagga back from the literal and figurative grave.

Wonderwêreld: Desert elephant

Melting like ghosts between the sand and stone monoliths of the Namib, a most unlikely group of inhabitants follows an ancient migration. Desert elephants. I this week’s Wonderwêreld we follow the migration of a small group of these mysterious desert voyagers on a mammoth journey across a magnificent landscape.

Wildebure: butterflies

The bright colours and delicate wings of our fairy-like insect neighbours flit onto our screens. As delicate and beautiful as these insects are, they are just as important to our gardens, crops and ecosystems. We meet a kaleidoscope of colourful creatures in this week’s Wildebure.



We have a little bit of everything for you tonight on VeldFokus. A young bull elephant displays some extremely errant behaviour, a male leopard displays enormous strength, while a hadeda takes part in a moment of silliness.


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