50|50 Episode 11 Season 8: 18 June 2017


Dyer Island research: Gansbaai’s big 5

A lonely island floating in the vast Atlantic is home to our oceans most endangered, endearing and dangerous creatures. But is time running out for the big 5 of our marine world? We meet another population of the African penguin, and to do so, we brave the dark waters between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock – known as Shark Alley. Here, the predators come from below, with a power that will leave you speechless. Portuguese seafarers in the 15th century CALLED Dyer Island “Ilha da Fera” (Island of wild creatures), and Bertus and Ntokozo join forces to bring the whole story.

Wildebure: Turtles

Staying with the watery theme, we warm up slightly in the more temperate waters off the KZN coast, where turtles share their favourite swimming spots and sandy beaches with their human neighbours in Wildebure. For underwater camera-man Brodrick Whittaker this is a dream come true, especially since one particular Green turtle seems to have adopted him as a surfing companion!


The animals in this week’s episode of VeldFokus are full of clever tricks. A starling plays house with PLENTY of keys but no key holes, a pangolin goes for a piggy-back, and a Mongoose tries its luck with the resident hadeda.


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