50|50 Episode 10 Season 8: 11 June 2017


Penguins and caracal: a cat amongst the pigeons

Two separate conservation projects collide in the tranquil urban setting of Cape Town, as the ever adaptable caracal learns just how easy flightless African penguins are to catch. Both of these species are under threat from human encroachment, having lost vast stretches of natural habitat to man’s insatiable need for space and resources.  It is now up to researchers to work together to find a solution before it is too late for both of these recently adapted city slickers.

In die Spervuur: White sharks

Villainized and persecuted due to their terrifying reputation as ruthless killers, South Africa’s population of White sharks is in deeper trouble than we ever thought, thanks to new identification methods and technology being implemented by The Dyer Island Conservation Trust. Ashmund heads to the world renowned ‘shark alley’ off the coast of Gansbaai to get the whole picture.


It is monster meal time in the VF studio tonight, where eyes are bigger than stomachs and creatures big and small are biting off almost more than they can chew. A goliath heron spears a goliath size fish, a crocodile has to break its meal into more manageable bits, while a skink can only get away with the tail end of its dinner.

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