50|50 Episode 9 Season 8: 4 June 2017


A race horse with a difference: anti-poaching heroes

Bertus goes galloping off into the sunset with an anti-poaching team with a serious advantage – it has a string of retired race horses on its side. Having been trained to manoeuvre around in the bush instead of the track, these horses are proving to be an invaluable help to the Blue canyon management and conservation teams. Our money is definitely on the horses.

Wonderwêreld: kelp forests

Normally when you think of forests, you think of dappled sunlight shining through the branches of green trees, with birds chirping from the canopies. But there is in fact more than one type of forest, and not all of them are terrestrial. In honour of World Ocean’s day coming up, we take the plunge in to the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, to discover the wonders that lie hidden between the swaying stems of a kelp forest.

Doodsbenoud: a night in the Kruger National park

After a harrowing night spent in the pitch darkness of one South Africa’s wildest places, Brenda Watts is most certainly a very lucky lady. Having to deal with the pain of a serious injury, and the looming threat of prowling predators, she finds solace in the company of the most unlikely nocturnal bush dweller.


Camouflage and stealth is the order of the day in this week’s episode of VeldFokus. A bush snake makes an easy meal of a gecko, a leopard brings new meaning to the words ‘so close you could almost touch it’, while a ghost mantis is the clear winner of the blending in competition.

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