50|50 Episode 7 Season 8: 21 May 2017

Wonderwêreld: animal show business

Whether a mighty elephant or a delicate impala, winning the right to mate is a battle from the very beginning. To avoid serious injury, most animals rely on size and vivacious posturing, with the biggest males, and those with the most flamboyant displays coming up trumps and passing on their genes to the next generation. All of these displays need to be learned from a young age, and this week’s Wonderwêreld revels in the dancing, roaring and head-clashing of the bushveld’s cast of creatures.

Wilde Bure: Vervet monkeys

This week we feature a mischievous character from the neighbourhood that is often the cause of chaos. If these quirky creatures are better understood and treated in a neighbourly way, Vervet monkeys can prove to be more of a delight than a nuisance.

Seychelles Islands: farewell to plastic – hello to a greener future

The Seychelles once had a rather poor reputation as far as conservation is concerned having driven a number of rare species to extinction but they have managed to turn things around. Now they boast an impressive portfolio of success stories and are adding another feather to their conservation cap by announcing a complete ban on plastic shopping bags and disposable cutlery. Imagine if the rest of Africa could follow suite?

Black Rhino return to Rwanda:

In an historic move, the highly endangered Eastern black rhino has returned to native soil in Akagera National Park in Rwanda after a 10 year absence. A small population of these animals have been harboured in South Africa since the 1960’s and now SA, once again at the forefront of rhino conservation, has put these animals on a 4000 km journey home. This is also a milestone in Rwanda’s emerging leadership on the continent in conservation, eco-tourism and good governance.


We take a close look at some great mammal and bird behaviour in VeldFokus this week. A bataleur eagle flashes its bright colours while devouring its dinner, a leopard makes a very dangerous meal choice, while a Korhaan performs the opera.

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