50|50 Episode 35 Season 7: 13 October 2016

Important Bird areas (IBAs):

BirdLife International pioneered the concept of Important Bird Areas or IBA’s, and the partnerships forged through the system of IBA’s, constitutes one of the largest conservation network’s in the world. The IBA network is the minimum set of sites needed to ensure certain bird species survive within their ranges and throughout their lifecycles that may depend on more than one location. We feature a story on the conservation concept of Important Bird Areas and how these are doing more than just saving avian species but rather entire ecosystems.

Wilde Bure: Penguins

Although African penguins may look like they are all dressed up for dinner, with the fish stocks off our coasts becoming depleted they are in fact battling to make ends meet. Yet, they are amazingly adaptable and happy to live in and amongst the residents of Cape Town and can even prove to be rather nosy Wilde Bure.
Wonderwêreld: Turtles

Join us on an underwater adventure as we follow 2 turtle females, as their global wandering brings them home to South African beaches to lay eggs. However danger looms from every direction, and the new-born hatchlings have the odds stacked against them as they struggle to reach the safety of the open ocean.


This week’s VF is in full swing with some ingenious parenting techniques on display. A father Namaqua sand grouse gets his feathers wet in the name of parenthood, while a mother Cheetah has her hands full teaching her the finer points of Springbok hunting.

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