50|50 Episode 33 Season 7: 29 September 2016

In die Spervuur: pythons

One of our continent’s most charismatic creatures is without doubt the Southern African python. With its elaborate patterns that allow it to blend into almost any background, its sheer size of up to 6 m long and 50 kg bulk, together with its ability to consume huge prey, this snake is indeed an apex predator at the top of its game. But not everybody are in agreement about their right to be protected, and these beautiful snakes face trouble from all sides. For how much longer will they rule their wild kingdoms?

Angola part 3:

In recent weeks we showcased the natural history of the beautiful Angolan Highlands. This previously unexplored area is critical to the survival of the Okavango Delta, giving rise to its life-giving waters. A dedicated team of scientists have been pioneering new and significant discoveries in this remote region. We continue to unearth the secrets of this unspoilt area, and we learn the important lesson that people are very much a part of the ecosystems in which they live, and often guard the secrets of the history – and natural history – of areas otherwise cut off from the outside world.

Wonderwêreld: Pollinators

It is often said that dynamite comes in small packages, and this is especially true when it comes to the insect world. While diminutive as compared to other animal groups, they have a huge role to play in the natural system. We peer into the busy world of pollinators as they buzz from flower to flower doing the important work that keeps our ecosystems functioning at full throttle.


There is a bit of everything on VF tonight, with some fabulous displays of weaponry from a wide variety of animals. A leopard learns about the sharp end of a porcupine, while a Darter is struggling slightly with its own pointy fishing spear.

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