50|50 Episode 28 Season 7: 25 August 2016

Xolobeni Mining:

The story of Xolobeni is not new to our screens, nor is it a secret that the Wild Coast hosts the second richest floristic region in SA after the Cape fynbos in the Pondoland Centre of Endemism. So why – after so much community objection and in such a pristine area – is a new application to mine Xolobeni being considered especially since it was revoked in 2011? With reports of severe tension and outbreaks of violence in the area, we bring you the latest update on this important environmental story.

Wonderwêreld: Icebergs

Few scenes are as vividly breath-taking as glacial and oceanic ice-scapes although even these magnificent non-living formations are under threat of disappearing. Glaciers are made up of compressed snow that forms ice after a very long time. Due to their sheer mass, glaciers actually move and flow like very slow rivers. Their role in nature is to store fresh water and globally, 75% of this is vaulted inside glaciers. During the ice age, glaciers took up a staggering 30% of the land area and 32% the ocean area. Take a deep breath and enjoy the cold, fresh sea air in this week’s dose of nature at its best.


This week’s VeldFokus is full of cheeky attitude, as a warthog family shows us that even the fiercest of creatures can be scared off, and young elephants practice their most impressive intimidation manoeuvres, perhaps not quite with the desired results…



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