50|50 Episode 25 Season 7: 4 August 2016

In die spervure: Black rhino

With rhino poaching in the news so frequently, we’re no strangers to the topic, but it’s mostly White rhino that get the attention while Black rhino, with much smaller populations, are in fact much more “in die spervuur”.

Proteadal development:

The age-old human-nature conundrum raises its head again as a new conflict between the human need for development and the necessity of conserving unspoilt natural spaces ignites a new debate. 50|50 has featured many stories over the years about the trials and tribulations of the Verreaux’s or black eagle pairs that make their home on the outskirts of SA’s busiest city, Johannesburg. But while living adjacent to a sea of humanity, they have always had some of Gauteng’s last unspoilt ridges to use as their hunting grounds. This looks set to change imminently. The eagles may be the most obvious animals in the area but they are not the only wildlife species that will be compromised if the controversial Proteadal development goes through. We bring you the whole story.

Wonderwêreld: Wild dogs part 2

With social living comes the need to get along, to stick together when times are tough, to share excitement during time spent together and to share chores such as feeding the family. We enjoy some more antics with the pack of wild dogs we met last week as they go about their daily business.


There is something very strange going on in the VF neighbourhood tonight, with animals going out of their way to entertain and surprise… A pangolin struts his stuff out in the open, a Sothern boubou takes to a very unusual perch, and an African civet adapts to a more ‘French’ diet…

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