50|50 Episode 21 Season 7: 7 July 2016


Imagine a world where our infrastructure is not merely sustainable, but actually gives back to our precious environment. This may sound like a pipe dream, but there is a place – nestled along the banks of a sparkling river in Holland – where a dedicated team of engineers and townspeople are striving to make this dream a reality. Bertus jumped at the opportunity to see this new innovative development first-hand, and this week we bring you all the details of this brave new world, and a possible paradigm shift in the future of infrastructure development.


In die Spervure: turtles

Travelling is a luxury that has become increasingly more accessible to everyone across the planet as technology has evolved, but one kind of animal has made travel its lifestyle since before the dinosaurs became extinct and can travel upwards of 25 000km in a year. Turtles are found in oceans across the globe but of the seven named species, six are critically endangered thanks to poaching, loss of nesting and feeding areas, fishing bycatch, pollution and global warming. It’s a tough life for these ancient creatures which is why they’re the theme of tonight’s instalment of “In die Spervuur”.



It’s the Wild Wild West in VF tonight, with fights breaking out between all sorts of creatures. All is fair in love and war in the lion kingdom, we take a look at just how dangerous fights between impala rams can be, and a leopard and a hyena play an unusual game of tug of war.

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