50|50 Episode 20 Season 7: 30 June 2016

Diesel spill:

When we think of ship-wrecks, we usually think of skull and cross-bones, pirates with talkative parrots, and old wooden warships firing cannons at each other on the high seas as they sink to the ocean floor carrying a king’s ransom. Although maritime safety has improved dramatically in modern times, with high tech communication and lighthouses placed in in the more dangerous bays, there are still sections of coast that are famous for claiming hundreds of ships and fishing vessels. One such place is our very own Algoa Coast, where ship skeletons lie eerily in the murky depths, having fallen victim to the savage tides and crashing waves. And their cargo? Not gold ingots, but something much more sinister. One such vessel succumbed to the power of the ocean just off the coast of PE recently, and we went along to investigate.

Wonderwêreld: Birds

This week’s Wonderwêreld features birds of all sizes, shapes and colours, and all of their amazing adaptations. From the regal eagles to the diminutive sunbirds –we celebrate our feathered friends in all their glory, and explore their unique role in the ecosystem.

Wildebure: Dolphins

Dolphins in South Africa’s waters are protected by some of the strongest cetacean conservation laws in the world. Although numerous species of dolphin are spotted in SA waters, there are 3 common species encountered regularly. This week’s instalment of Wildebure brings you a closer look into the world of dolphins that share the coastlines that we as South Africans are lucky enough to call home.

Veld Fokus:

The animals on VF are up to their usual, and unusual tricks! A young leopard practices its hunting skills, a pride of lions go on a camping holiday, while a waterbuck is quite literally swimming for its life…


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